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Four consecutive years of record-breaking lead volume

When we started SiebenCarey’s brand and market strategy process in the last quarter of 2013, the law firm was fresh off the heels of a major rebranding.  

We suspected that this significant change had and would continue to impact both its traditional and online marketing success.

SiebenCarey is the first personal injury law firm in Minnesota, handling over 65,000 cases since 1952 – more than any personal injury law firm in the state.

When Sterling Talon stepped in, SiebenCarey, originally Sieben,

Grose, Von Holtum & Carey, was less recognizable;

the organization was hurting after a major redesign

completed two years prior.

The new moniker certainly complicated lead generation, but that hardly prevented us from generating record leads that year, a full year before we launched the firm’s site.   

We presented SiebenCarey with an analysis of its traditional and online marketing programs in December 2013, documenting several downward trends in key online marketing metrics.

We also presented several specific recommendations to turn the program around, both short and long-term.

We were given the go-ahead in January 2014; shortly thereafter, we began a complete overhaul of the firm’s existing website.


Even though we did not launch the new site until March 2015, we did make significant technical and strategic changes to SiebenCarey’s existing digital marketing strategy.

We moved its hosting service to one of the top data centers in the United States. This change alone immediately enhanced performance and generated increased leads.   

After adjusting technical and SEO failures apparent within its existing content management system, online traffic doubled.

And by the end of the 2014 fiscal year,

Sterling Talon had produced more leads for the

company than any other time in history.

In 2015, we formally upgraded SiebenCarey’s online presence; and under our strategic direction, the firm launched a new website; doubled-down on SEO; and introduced additional marketing channels that would ultimately help us surpass 2014’s lead volume.

We sustained that growth through to the following year. We took full control of its PPC campaign; expanded the scope of its SEO program; bolstered CRO efforts; and by mid-2016, completely out-paced all of SiebenCarey’s top competitors.

And they’ve definitely noticed.

Sterling Talon has more than doubled overall site traffic, increased unique visitors per month by 121.45%, and strengthened PPC conversion rates so dramatically that, in attempts to match our brand of market growth, rival businesses have changed course.

Some going as far as heavily investing in duplicate models of the key elements we engineered specifically for SiebenCarey’s site.

But SEO is less about traffic volume at Sterling Talon; rather we prefer to focus on the quality of that traffic, placing the firm directly in front of its best prospects.

Despite pausing expensive traditional media campaigns, including television and radio, we have yet to observe a drop in lead volume.

SiebenCarey currently has more page one keyword

rankings than any time in the past six years.

On the contrary, between January and August 2016, we had more than doubled the firm’s number of high-value, non-branded, page one keyword search rankings, effectively reducing costs and dramatically leveraging its market position.

In this way, as we continue to adapt our marketing strategy in anticipation of any and all possible changes to the digital landscape, Sterling Talon prepares SiebenCarey to sustain a distinctly significant competitive advantage over its closest competitors.

Sterling Talon remains at the helm of SiebenCarey’s digital marketing campaigns.

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