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Sterling Talon has kept abreast of the shifting retail and e-commerce landscape for over 20 years.

We recognize that smarter strategy and forward design can mean the difference between stagnant sales and outperforming your competitors.

As technology redefines the way you connect with consumers, brand recognition and advocacy become a question of access.  

We are a results-oriented digital agency noted for premium services that help you process the global consumer lifestyle.

Our cohesive, cross-channel strategies are born

out of your specific market position to capitalize

on opportunities that increase your brand

equity and bottom line.

As veterans of an increasingly volatile industry, we focus on high performance and rapid, measurable results that stimulate and sustain accelerated market growth.

Not only is our personalized approach designed to reduce costs and improve customer loyalty, it delivers an engaging and responsive commercial ecosystem.  

"The most reliable, helpful and trustworthy company I have encountered in business yet! ..."
- Jenny Present, President, JennyPresent.com

Sterling Talon’s cache of technical resources is unmatched in its capacity to leverage your market power.

In as little as five months, for example,

we’ve more than doubled clients’

Year-Over-Year increases, taking sales

far beyond the million dollar mark.

But exceeding your KPIs for the long term requires a level of complexity that social media management, SEO and in-depth analytics alone cannot reach.

Instead we generate strong cross-channel momentum by implementing these surface techniques alongside our own sweeping digital marketing and end-to-end solutions.

  1. Customer Acquisition & Retention

  2. Real-time Performance Tracking

  3. Selective Fraud Detection

  4. Enterprise Level Content Management Systems

In very basic terms, we want to help your brand lead the digital conversation across the retail space.

We want to tackle the challenges that weaken your brand in the same way that we, as service providers, ultimately cornered our market: through explicitly direct and measured communication.   

Our commitment to your success requires us to be selective:

Are We a Good Fit?

We only work with long-term clients. If you aren't prepared to invest in your marketing success for at least a year, we aren't the right firm for you.

Unless you have aggressive growth goals, if you aren't generating seven figures a year, it is possible you may not be ready for our digital marketing strategies.

Finally, we prefer to work with clients that make decisions quickly. We've found that they make faster progress towards success, and also make for better case studies.

Application Only

Sterling Talon is far more focused on quality than quantity. We take good care of our clients and eschew additional work until we have the excess capacity for it.

We accept applications on a rolling basis. And while we do reach out to all applicants, please be advised that we are only able to bring in new clients on a quarterly basis.

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